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3 signs your spouse has one foot out of the door already

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2023 | Family Law

Researchers (and family law offices) have long noted that there’s a notable spike in inquiries and new filings for divorce every January. So much so, that the first working day of every year has been unofficially dubbed “National Divorce Day.”

It’s probably not much of a reach to realize that a lot of people don’t want to announce their intention to divorce right in the middle of the holiday season. It’s already an emotional time of the year, and acting now could open them up to a lot of negative public scrutiny. That doesn’t mean, however, that your spouse isn’t possibly already planning their exit. If your marriage has been troubled, these are indicators that your spouse has made a decision and might even be making arrangements to leave.

There are new privacy rules

If your spouse wants a divorce, they may already be communicating with legal and financial professionals, real estate agents or apartment managers and a few trusted friends. That may prompt them to change the passwords on their email, social media and bank accounts. Phones, tablets and laptops may also suddenly be locked with a passcode you don’t know. Any unusual insistence on personal privacy should make you concerned.

They’re spending an unusual amount of time with others

Is your spouse suddenly spending more time with their siblings or best friends? Their sudden desire to strengthen their personal ties may be a cover for the fact that they’re taking a few people into their confidence and building a support network for when they finally make their announcement.

Important personal possessions are missing

Maybe your spouse suddenly decided they no longer wanted their prized vinyl collection stored at the house, so they packed up all the records and put them in climate-controlled storage. Or, maybe you noticed that the family photo albums are missing, and your spouse suddenly “loaned” some of their favorite jewelry or clothes to their best friend. Whatever the excuse, you can bet that they’re trying to quietly move what they value ahead of their announcement.

If you believe that divorce is on your horizon in the new year, now is the best time to seek legal guidance in order to start safeguarding your interests and crafting your expectations for what may be ahead.