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Reunited spouses and possible remarriages

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2023 | Family Law

Ex-spouses who have endured the divorce process deal with uncertain futures. The life-changing ramifications impact former partners differently. For many, the end of a marriage is final as they seek a new life and perhaps a second chance at wedded bliss.

With the marriage in the rear-view mirror, moving on is usually the next step. For some ex-spouses, their new direction becomes a “U-turn,” contemplating a reunion with their former partners. Whether it involves feelings of regret or failures in post-divorce relationships, such a reunion requires thoughtful contemplation and specific steps.

Working together

One spouse wanting back in is not enough. Both must take the steps together. The path they travel will be challenging and requires taking responsibility for the past and identifying what caused everything to go from right to wrong.

Assessing the motivation behind a possible return is vital. Loneliness is not enough, yet it can be a powerful motivator. Instead, conducting a contemplative “deep dive” can result in sound decision-making beyond the inherent emotional issues involving familiarity and comfort.

Starting anew mandates that both spouses take responsibility for actions in the past and turn them into positive change. Identifying previous problems with incompatibility is of paramount importance. Rushing into a reunion will likely doom the second go-around. Reestablishing trust comes first, particularly if infidelity plays a role in marital dissolution.

Regardless of the reasons behind a spousal reunion, second marriage with a former spouse or any partner has a divorce rate that approaches 60 percent. Should the odds be against you and marital dissolution be inevitable, help from a skilled family law attorney can help you get through a complex and emotionally charged process.